Back & Neck Support 


Sacro-Lumbar Support  BCK-001

Elasticated support with Velcro fastening straps for adjustable compression and easy fitting. 6 aluminium stays provide lumbosacral support.

Available in 5 sizes



Knight-Taylor Brace  BCK-005

Same as the Chairback Brace but with aluminium thoracic extensions and straps to provide more stability.

Supplied complete with front fastening soft corset.

Becker Hyperextension TLSO


Light weight Hyperextension TLSO.

Providing therapeutic immobilisation by 3 point leverage. Reducing the load on the anterior vertebral bodies (T-7- L-5).

Manufacturer - Becker (USA)




 Sacro-Iliac Support 


6” wide Uni Foam support with removable back pad. Velcro & buckle fastening.

Fits hip size 32” to 44”

Soft Cervical Collar


 Available in 3 sizes




Hard Adjustable Cervical Collar


 Available in 3 sizes



Philadelphia Collar (with tracheal opening)


 Available in 10 sizes






Philadelphia Stabiliser




Attaches to Philadelphia collar 

Provides greater stability & cervical spine immobilisation







Extended Cervical Orthosis



Rigid support provided in an anterior / posterior configuration.

Kydex & Polyethylene foam construction with Velcro fastening

Provides support for cervical and upper thoracic spine.






S.O.M.I. Brace Sternal Occipital Mandibular Immobilizer



A fully adjustable light weight cervical orthosis that provides flexion, neutral or hypertension positioning and immobilization. Offers a level of support between the Philadelphia collars and a halo-type brace.

Removable chin plate allows for patient eating and hygiene when replaced with the removable headband.