Clinical Waste Management

MMS supplies Clinical Waste bags & sharps containers manufactured in Malaysia which comply with MoH / DoE requirements

Sharps Containers are manufactured according to British Standards BS 7320 : 1990 and are approved by SIRIM QAS Sdn Bhd under the Product Certification Scheme 1971. All Medical and Healthcare institutions are required by law to dispose of contaminated sharps in proper sharps containers. Improper disposal can result in both civil and commercial penalties.

Sharps Containers are available in 4 sizes as shown in the table below.

Clinical Waste Bags are manufactured from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), printed on one side with a Bio-Hazard symbol and available in 3 sizes as shown in the table below.



 CWM-001/5 Sharps Container 2.5 Litre


Sharps Container 5 Litre

 CWM-001/10 Sharps Container 10 Litre


Sharps Container 20 Litre


Yellow Clinical Waste Bag Small

41cm x 40cm 100 pcs


Yellow Clinical Waste Bag Medium

61cm x 66cm 100 pcs


Yellow Clinical Waste Bag Large

(80cm x 95cm) 100 pcs

 CWM-007 Blue Autoclavable Waste Bags
(40cm x 50cm) 100 pcs

Pedal Bin




Pedal operated bin, 18 litre.
Use with Medium sized bags.