Exercise & Therapy 


Pedal Exerciser




Economy variable resistance pedal exerciser.

Can be used for both lower & upper limbs.

Used to maintain ROM or build up muscle strength.




Over Door Exercise Pulley




Economy door mounted exercise pulley system.

Hooks over the top of a standard door.

Used to maintain shoulder ROM or build up muscle strength.





Over Door Traction Set




Economy over door cervical traction set.

Weight bag can be filled with water up to 20 lbs weight




Vestibular Board



Stimulates balance control & vestibular responses

48cm x 48cm x 13cm




Paralell Bars

(special order)



Stainless steel tubing.

Height and width adjustable




Corner Stairs (exercise stairs)

(special order)



Wooden construction.

Stainless steel height adjustable handrails.

4 steps one side & 3 steps on the other.

Non slip treads.

Shoulder Wheel (Special Order)



Stainless steel wheel.

Wall mounted with 18" height adjustment.

Diameter adjustable up to 32"