Suction Machine



Portable suction machine



Dimensions: 39(L)x18(W)x26(H)cm

Weight: 5kg(lb)

Maximum Vacuum: 600±3% mm Hg

Flow Range: > 40 LPM

Sound Level: < 55 dBA

Electrical Requirement: AS101:AC220 V/50Hz

Power Consumption: AS101:70 watts

Bacteria Filter Pore Size: 0.2 microns

Collection Bottle Capacity: 800 ml (cc)

Operating Temperature: 32°~104°F (0°~40°C)

Operating Humidity: 95% RH

Operating Atmospheric Pressure: 10.2~15.4 psi (70~106kpa)

Storage Temperature: 14°~158°F (-10°~70°C)

Storage Humidity: 0~95%

Storage Atmospheric Pressure: 7.3~15.4 psi (50~106 kpa)

Fuse Specification: Miniature Glass Fuse 5x20mm, Fast Blow (Quick Acting) F2A/250V

Equipment Classifications: With respect to protection from electric shock class 1

Country of Origin: Taiwan



Manual Suction Machine



Portable emergency suction device
One hand operation 
Simple maintenance
Built-in overflow protection


Vacuum(max)                                                 :450mmHg
Peak Free airflow                                            :<20L/min
Disposable container volume                          :300ml
External diameter of cap                                 :17mm
External diameter of catheter connection        :13mm