Wheelchair Accessories

A range of accessories designed to improve the wheelchair user's comfort and positioning


MMS Wheelchair Tray


Available in two sizes, to fit Adult or Child Wheelchairs
Vinyl covered tray with velcro fastening.


MMS Cosy Seat - as a wheelchair insert


For details of the MMS Cosy Seat see Seating and Positioning


MMS Cosy Seat  Wheelchair Insert


Variation of the Cosy Seat designed specifically as a wheelchair insert for use with a tilting wheelchair.

Complete with adjustable headrest and full harness

MMS Thoracic Wrap



The MMS Thoracic Wrap helps to position the user correctly.

Designed to provide postural support for users who tend to lean to the side or forward.

Made from a soft padded material for comfort. 

Velcro fastening straps wrap around the wheelchair back.

Front fastening is a quick release buckle. 

2 sizes: Small - 12" & 14" wheelchairs, Standard - 16" & 18" wheelchairs (Larger sizes to order) 
Made in Sarawak, Malaysia)




MMS Chest Harness


Chest band with shoulder straps, helps to provide upper body stability.

Made from soft material with velcro fastening.

1 size for 12" & 14" wheelchairs.

(Made in Sarawak, Malaysia)

MMS Pelvic Strap


Two part pelvic strap with quick release buckle.

Ensures user is correctly positioned and secure.

2 sizes: Small - 12" & 14" wheelchairs, Standard - 16" & 18" wheelchairs (Larger sizes to order)

(Made in Sarawak, Malaysia)

Clamp on Footrests


A common problem with many children's wheelchairs is that the footrests are too low for their feet.

To overcome this problem we can fit clamp on footrests which will provide proper foot support for the user and can be flipped up to allow the chair to fold. 

Patient Transfer Board




High impact plastic transfer board providing smooth, contoured surface for easy transfer of patient along the board.